WELCOME to the warmth of the Radiant House of Children.
A fun-filled place where learning is child’s play!
RMN promises a warm, caring atmosphere for you and your child. The Nursery I and II for infants and toddlers from three months to two years provides an environment and atmosphere that is appropriate and specific to meet the psychological, physical and cognitive needs of the child.
The Montessori I, II classes are filled with purposeful activities in a prepared, stimulating environment that will engage your child in uninterrupted blocks of time, where he will be engrossed in captivating learning activities. This encourages your child to be independent and confident. It will foster self discipline and concentration. The RMN operates on a half day option or full day option, five times a week.

20, 10, 2016

Eid Al Adha Break
11th, 12th, 13th September
Back to school for all 14th

4TH September
Settling time new children
Warm Hugs n Smiles!

5th September
New and returning children
More Hugs and Grins!

Theme for September
All About Little Me!
Show N Tell!

11th, 12th & 13th September
Eid Al Adha holidays

2nd October
Islamic New Year holiday

30th November & 1st December
Martyrs’ Day and National Day holidays

22nd December 2016
Winter Break Begins!
Last Day of Term 1

8th January 2017
Winter Term Begins…
All Aboard!
Back to school!

Upcoming Events!
Outdoor Picnic!
Heritage Village!
Build a Bear!

The most precious years of your child’s life are the formative years from birth to six.This is the most sensitive period, expressing amazing powers for absorbing and learning from the environment. Dr. Maria Montessori called this unusual mental power the “absorbent mind” During this period there is great need for careful planning of work and an even greater desire to learn. The Montessori classroom provides the children the tools and equipment to discover, explore and develop their senses and learn for themselves during this period of intense receptivity. The Radiant Montessori Nursery strives to nurture, harness and cherish the growth and development of your precious children into confident, independent and caring young minds.

To grow and flourish as a learning centre that reaches out and exists for the pure and selfless aim of serving, discovering, enhancing and developing the inner potential of young minds. . .

To provide a unique learning platform where each and every child will be encouraged, coaxed and motivated to reach his or her full potential. . .

To exist for the true spirit of enlightening the world on the invaluable Montessori methodology and curriculum . . .

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